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Server Booster Perks

Have you ever wanted to give in-game perks to someone if they were boosting your Discord server? With RoManager, you can easily do this using our API.

Note that our API is not limited to just server boosting. You can get all roles of a member, allowing you to, for example, have donation perks in-game by giving a Donator role on Discord.


  • You need to set up RoManager first, if you haven't already. Follow our Getting Started guide.
  • Create an API key by running /api-key generate. You need to be the owner of the group you're generating the API key for.

Example Script

This example script checks if a player has a role server booster when they join the game. Adjust it accordingly with your booster perks.


For this script to work properly, players that have boosted must be verified with RoManager. Encourage each user that boosts the server to run /verify with RoManager to get their perks in-game.

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

local function onPlayerAdded(player)
if isBooster(player.UserId) then
-- give booster perks

-- you can copy this function anywhere you need to check if a player is a booster
local function isBooster(playerId)
local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

local response = HttpService:RequestAsync({
Url = "" .. playerId,
Method = "GET",
Headers = {
["Authorization"] = "Insert your API key here"

if not response.Success then
return false

local discordRoles = HttpService:JSONDecode(response.Body)

-- loop through all of the user's roles
for _, role in pairs(discordRoles) do
if == "Server Booster" then
-- if any of the user's roles are Server Booster, the function returns true
return true

return false


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