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In-Game Setup

RoManager's in-game integration is an easy way to control your game from Discord, or via the API (coming soon).


RoManager's game integration is currently down. This will not work for the time being.


  • Your game must be either Public, or RoManager's bot account must be able to access it
  • HTTP requests must be on

Getting your integration key

Run the game-key command, and RoManager will DM you a key. This will be used later, when adding the RoManager client to your game.

Game integration key for Your Discord Server:

  • The key links the place to your Discord server, not the group, which means you can use the client for any place, not just group places.

  • The RoManager game client is open-source. Check it out at

Adding the RoManager client

To add the RoManager client, you need to open your game in Studio, and create a script in ServerScriptService.

Once you've done that, paste this code into the script.

INTEGRATION_KEY = 'your integration key here'

Replace your integration key here with your integration key. Do not remove the quotes.

You have successfully integrated your game with RoManager! The client does not work in Studio, however. Play your game and try it out!