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Getting Started

Getting started with RoManager

Adding the bot

To get started with RoManager, you first need to add the bot to a Discord server.

Add to Discord

Linking a Roblox group

Run the .setup command with your group's name, id, or url.

.setup your-group-name-or-id12345678YouConfirmCancel

Anyone with Manage Server permissions can run the .setup command, however only the group owner can link their group.

Giving the bot group permissions

To start, go to your group, and open the Configure Group page.

Next, open the Members tab.

Then, give the bot a role that has permissions already, or grant it permissions, as shown below.


We recommend giving the bot its own, standalone role.

Granting permissions to the bot's role

If the role you granted doesn't already have perms;

Open the Roles tab, click on the role you assigned the bot, and give it the necessary permissions, as shown in the embed after you ran the setup command.

Then click the Save button when done.

You have now successfully set up RoManager! ๐ŸŽ‰