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Getting Started

RoManager provides a REST API that allow you to perform Roblox site actions via RoManager.

Base URL:

Generating an API key

To generate an API key, run the /api-key generate command. You must be the group owner to run this command. A DM will be sent to you with the API key.

API key successfully generated:

Using the API

All API methods are below, in the other categories. The API expects JSON data in the request body.


The ratelimit is 60 requests per 60 seconds. For example, you can send 60 requests in 5 seconds, however you will not be able to send any more requests for 55 seconds.

The following headers will be set so you know when you should retry your request:

Retry-Aftertime (in seconds) to wait until the next request can be sent, only present when ratelimited
X-RateLimit-Limitrequest limit per minute
X-RateLimit-Remainingnumber of requests left for the time window
X-RateLimit-Resetamount of miliseconds before the requests left in the time window resets